Younes Shokrkhah

Professor of Communication at the Faculty of World Studies of University of Tehran

Younes Shokrkhah was born in 1957. He’s got a PH.D in Communication Sciences.

A brief summary of his professional background is listed below:


  • Assistant Professor of Mass Communication
  • University of Tehran – faculty of World Studies – UK studies Department
  • Head of the Iranian Association for Studies on Information Society (IRASIS)
  • 1983: Editor of Foreign Desk (Kayhan [World] Newspaper) (16 Years)
  • 2000: Editor of the Iranian Book weekly (4 years)
  • 2001: Launching (First Online Newspaper in Iran)
  • 2003: Founding Member and Board of Managers of the Iranian Association of Studies on Information Society (IRASIS)
  • 2004: Member of the Steering Committee of the WSIS Regional Conference (World Summit on the Information Society)
  • 2005: Launching (second Online Newspaper in Iran)
  • 2008: Head of the Institute for North American & European Studies – University of Tehran (Continues)