Mohammad Ali Hossein Nezhad

Film Producer

Mohammad Ali Hossein Nezhad holds a bachelor’s degree in foreign languages and literature ​​from the University of Mashhad and a master’s degree in social sciences from Australia. He has completed a major research in systemic development (systems) at the University of Western Sydney, Australia.
His professional resume includes the management of the Social and Cultural Network of National TV, collaborating with the International Division of the Farabi Cinema Foundation, being in the selection Committee of Fajr International Film Festival for several years, general director of the  Center for Experimental and Semi-professional Cinema, founder and head of Soore Cinematic Development Organization, Senior Advisor to the Deputy Director of Cinema and Audiovisual Affairs. He has already translated 4 titles of books and translated research papers and specialized articles which have been published. He is also an independent producer and produced several feature films, and is currently a member of the Iranian Film producers guild.