Behrouz Mahmoudi Bakhtiari

Linguist and professor at University of Tehran

Behrouz Mahmoudi Bakhtiari (born 1973, Tehran) is an Iranian linguist and associate professor of the Faculty of Fine Arts at University of Tehran. His research is mainly focused on the field of dramatic discourse analysis, rhetoric of languages and dialects of Iran, teaching Farsi and cinematic adaptation. He has been affiliated with numerous academic institutes, including the Department of Linguistics at the University of Sydney (until 2013), the Center for Middle Eastern Studies at Rutgers University, New Jersey (until 2012), the Department of Iranian Studies at the Universities of Göttingen, Marburg, and Hamburg, the Center for the Iranian Studies of the Austrian Academy of Sciences, Honorary member of the Arya International University in Yerevan (to date). From 2002 to 2014, he was also a member of the Department of Iranian Studies and Linguistics at the Center for the Great Islamic Encyclopedia.
Bakhtiari has been particularly interested in translating theatrical plays, having translated as of now such plays as Yankees and Laughter on the 23rd floor (by Neil Simon, co-translated by Mina Rezapur), and Hobson’s Choice (by Harold Brighouse). He has also edited several ancient dramas: The Prophets in Mourning (Collection of 36 tazia about Religions of Non-Islamic figures), Citation of the Ghazvats of Seyyed Jalaluddin Ashraf, and Qajar translations of the plays Electra and Naderi Letters.