Rouhollah Hosseini

Seyyed Rouhollah Hosseini was born in 1979 and is an alumni of Tehran University and has been its faculty member from 2008 to date. He is the head of Institute for North American & European Studies (INAES) under the authority of Tehran University. His activities out of the academic circulation, are listed below:
  • Managing director of main Office for studies and development of Cinematic knowledge & skill
  • Education superintendent in Sa’di Foundation
  • Member of founding board and writing staff of Francophone “Tehran” magazine
  • Managing board member of French Literature Scientific Association
  • Specialized committee member of Tehran University in international world network of French-speaking universities

Raed Faridzadeh

Raed Faridzadeh was born in 1978 in Mashhad. He studied theoretical economics, comparative literature and philosophy , and German literature at universities of Tehran, Vienna and Berlin, and after graduating with a doctorate in literature and philosophy at the University of Fry in Berlin and collaborating with the Institute for Asian Studies at the University, he joined the school of Literature and Humanities at Shahid Beheshti University as a full-time faculty member. Since 2013, Faridzadeh has been managing the center for printing and publishing in Shahid Beheshti University and since 2014 he has headed the Central Library and Document Center of the university. He has also collaborated with Iranian Youth Cinema Society, Documentary & Experimental Film Center, and Farabi Cinema Foundation on international affairs and festivals. Faridzadeh currently works as the deputy of international affairs of Farabi Cinema Foundation.

Mahmoud Arbabi

Mahmoud Arbabi was born in 1961, Tehran.Below are his educational background and resume: -Bachelor of Screenwriting from Seda-o Sima university -Master of Theater directing and acting from the Faculty of Tarbiat Modarres -PhD in art research at Art University Professional Resume include writing  Screenplays for more than 10 feature films, Head of the Young Cinema Association of Karaj, lecturer at the School of Seda-o Sima Since 1988, Cultural Deputy of Farabi Cinema Foundation, Director General of Human Resources Development and Training of Iranian Cinema, Head of Educational Center of the Islamic Society of Music,  Vice-President of Iranian University of Music and Technology

Ebrahim Daroughehzadeh

Ebrahim Roghaghzadeh was born in 1970, is a doctor of medicine and holds a masters degree in International Relations.Professional resume includes:-Director of 36th Fajr Film Festival -Director of  National TV channel 4 -Head of Visual Media Institute -Director of 4th Shahr Film Festival Ghaemmaghighi Secretary

Mohammad Ali Hossein nejad

Mohammad Ali Hossein Nezhad holds a bachelor's degree in foreign languages and literature ​​from the University of Mashhad and a master's degree in social sciences from Australia. He has completed a major research in systemic development (systems) at the University of Western Sydney, Australia. His professional resume includes the management of the Social and Cultural Network of National TV, collaborating with the International Division of the Farabi Cinema Foundation, being in the selection Committee of Fajr International Film Festival for several years, general director of the  Center for Experimental and Semi-professional Cinema, founder and head of Soore Cinematic Development Organization, Senior Advisor to the Deputy Director of Cinema and Audiovisual Affairs. He has already translated 4 titles of books and translated research papers and specialized articles which have been published. He is also an independent producer and produced several feature films, and is currently a member of the Iranian Film producers guild.

Esmaeil Baniardalan

Ismail Bani Ardalan holds a Ph.D. in Art Research from the University of Art, is a faculty member at the University of Art in Tehran and the head of the Faculty of Theoretical Studies of Art. He has previously been a member of the Film Affairs Commission at the Ministry of Education, Director of the Cinema Department at the Cultural Arts University. Bani Ardalan also served as the director of the first Iranian Cinematic Research Award.

Younes Shokrkhah

Professor of Communication at the Faculty of World Studies of University of Tehran

Younes Shokrkhah was born in 1957. He’s got a PH.D in Communication Sciences.A brief summary of his professional background is listed below: 
  • Assistant Professor of Mass Communication
  • University of Tehran - faculty of World Studies - UK studies Department
  • Head of the Iranian Association for Studies on Information Society (IRASIS)
  • 1983: Editor of Foreign Desk (Kayhan [World] Newspaper) (16 Years)
  • 2000: Editor of the Iranian Book weekly (4 years)
  • 2001: Launching (First Online Newspaper in Iran)
  • 2003: Founding Member and Board of Managers of the Iranian Association of Studies on Information Society (IRASIS)
  • 2004: Member of the Steering Committee of the WSIS Regional Conference (World Summit on the Information Society)
  • 2005: Launching (second Online Newspaper in Iran)
  • 2008: Head of the Institute for North American & European Studies - University of Tehran (Continues)

Mohammad Hassan Khoshnevis

Director of the Office of Cultural StudiesFormer Director of the National Film Archive of Iran, and the Center for Documentaries and Works of the Country

Masoud Jafari Jozani

Masoud Jafari Jozani Born in 1947, Malayer. He holds a Master's Degree in filmmaking from the State University of San Francisco. He began his film career with directing short films and until today he made feature films such as "Stone Lion", "Cold Roads", "Iran Berger", "Behind the Silence Wall," etc. He has a license for lifelong teaching at the State University of San Francisco, and runs Josan Film company.

Touraj Mansouri

Toraj Mansouri Born in Tehran in 1954, graduated from the University of Ashland, Aryagan, USA. He began his artistic career in 1971 by doing photography for the Arts and Architecture magazine, and then worked as an assistant in several short films. He later produced several short films for Mashhad Television, and in 1979, he filmed a short film. After several other experiences in short films, Mansouri started his career in professional cinematography since the 1983 and has done cinematography for over 40 feature films.