In order to bring together scientific experiences in various fields related to the nature of cinema in the digital age, and to benefit from studies in the field of modern technologies, the Iranian National School of Cinema organizes the first international scientific conference dedicated to cinema in the digital age. In this regard, we invite all researchers in various fields of arts, humanities, social sciences and technology to submit the abstracts of their research works to the conference secretariat in the following areas. Download Call For Paper

1: Theoretical Framework

1)  Conceptual domain

2)  Modern technologies, humankind and his universe

3)  Evolution of the concept of cinema

4)  Effects of technical, economic, social and artistic elements on cinema

2: Roles and Status of Modern Technologies

5)  Emergence of new opportunities and possibilities (VR, AR, XR, VFX, etc.)

6)  Progress in visualization of the subjective universe of the author

7)  Achievements in the fields of film production, marketing and distribution

3: New Technologies; New Correlations and Approaches

8)  Film and cinema market

9)  Film production, distribution and screening processes

10)  Dynamics, professions, roles and trends

11)  Artistic design

12)  Generating ideas and content development

13)  Interaction between audience and cinema

4: Novel Technologies and Status of Iranian Cinema

14) Best practices