Akbar Alami

University Lecturer & Researcher

Akbar Alami, born in 1945 in Ahvaz, is a graduate of the cinema from the School of Dramatic Arts and holds a Ph.D. in film from the UK. He is an expert and master of cinematic theater, who also works as a host in television and documentary filmmaker, and is currently a professor at Tarbiat Modarres University. From 2000 to 2007, he was a member of the Academy of Arts and the Academy of Persian Language and Literature. His other artistic activities include the production of cinema-based artistic and cultural programs, accompanied by professional performances and influential film reviews, decades of teaching at the universities of art, managing the cinema labs of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, making about 30 documentary films for the industries like pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, textiles and wood in English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Arabic.

Hadi Khaniki

University Lecturer

Hadi Khaniki was born in 1951 in Gonabad. From 1969 to 1975, he dismissed his studies at the University of Shiraz and Science and Technology. In the mid-1970's, he obtained a bachelor of science in social sciences from the University of Beheshti, in the 1990s, a master's degree, and in the 2000's he earned his Ph.D. in Communications Science. He is a faculty member of the Communication Sciences School at Allameh Tabatabaee University and is a lecturer at the University of Tehran. In the seventh and eighth governments, he was the president's adviser on media and press, and then the president's adviser on cultural affairs. His other activities include the chair of the Institute for Social and Cultural Studies, being a member of the editorial board of the Kayhan newspaper in the 1990s, the jury of the press, the Central Council of Jihad University and the managing the International Institute for Dialogue on Cultures and Civilizations.

Shiva Moghanlou

Writer & Translator

Shiva Moghanlou is an author, translator, critic and lecturer of the university, born in 1975 in Mashhad. She graduated in editing in 2001 and the in the same year she passed the M.A university entrance exam as the top one in the whole country. Teaching at University of Tehran and Sooreh , writing and researching on several cinema-based TV programs are among his other activities. Also, some of her short stories have been translated into English, Polish, Turkish and Kurdish languages and published in host country journals.Authoring "The Genres of Cinema" (Barry Kate Grant - Bidgol-2013) nominee for the Golden Pen for book of the year on Iranian Cinema, translation of "From Game to Film", "The Basics of Cinema Studies", and Heading the translation project "The Best Screenwriters of the World" are among her best works.

Mohammad Ali Hossein Nezhad

Film Producer

Mohammad Ali Hossein Nezhad holds a bachelor's degree in foreign languages and literature ​​from the University of Mashhad and a master's degree in social sciences from Australia. He has completed a major research in systemic development (systems) at the University of Western Sydney, Australia. His professional resume includes the management of the Social and Cultural Network of National TV, collaborating with the International Division of the Farabi Cinema Foundation, being in the selection Committee of Fajr International Film Festival for several years, general director of the  Center for Experimental and Semi-professional Cinema, founder and head of Soore Cinematic Development Organization, Senior Advisor to the Deputy Director of Cinema and Audiovisual Affairs. He has already translated 4 titles of books and translated research papers and specialized articles which have been published. He is also an independent producer and produced several feature films, and is currently a member of the Iranian Film producers guild.

Fatemeh Hosseini Shakib

Professor at Tehran University of Art & Researcher of Animation Studies

Fatemeh Hosseinishkib is an assistant professor in animation field at the University of Tehran. She received her Ph.D. in animation studies from the Farnham University of Fine Arts in UK, in 2009, who was awarded an Anthropology Award from the Iranian Ministry of Science, Research and Technology. She has a Master's Degree in Animation from the University of Art (1999), a BA in graphic communication from the Faculty of Fine Arts of Tehran University, a Math-Physics Diploma, and a first degree in art studies in the year 1990. In 2007-2009, Hossein Kishkebi was an official professor of animation theory at the University of the Arts,UK, and has previously taught Ph.D. at the University of Westminster. Directing the National Iranian Conference on Animation, and membership in the Arbitration Panel of the Scientific Papers in the Journal "Animation: An Interdisciplinary Journal animation" from the British Sage publication ,whose editor-in-chief is Suzanne Buchan, are among her other professional activities.

Touraj Mansouri

Cinematographer & Producer

Toraj Mansouri Born in Tehran in 1954, graduated from the University of Ashland, Aryagan, USA. He began his artistic career in 1971 by doing photography for the Arts and Architecture magazine, and then worked as an assistant in several short films. He later produced several short films for Mashhad Television, and in 1979, he filmed a short film. After several other experiences in short films, Mansouri started his career in professional cinematography since the 1983 and has done cinematography for over 40 feature films.