Chief panel of the conference “Cinema in the Digital Age” was appointed by the director of the conference, Dr. Rouhollah Hosseini .

Mohammad Ali Hosseinnejad, Akbar Alami, Shiva Moqanlou, Fatemeh Hosseinishakib, Touraj Mansouri and Hadi Khaniki are six members of the chief panel of this conference, which will be held from November 12 to 14, 2018.

A part of the director’s decree for the chief panel is as follows:
“Planning to provide scientific content and monitoring the quality of articles, lectures and outcome of this conference are among the tasks of the chief panel, which I hope will be designed in the best possible manner and results to an event full of innovation, dynamism, and  promotion of the knowledge and insight of Iranian cinema. ”

In order to bring together scientific experiences in various fields related to the nature of cinema in the digital age, and to benefit from studies in the field of modern technologies, the Iranian National School of Cinema organizes the first international scientific conference dedicated to “Cinema in the digital age” (November 12 – 14 , 2018), in cooperation with the leading Iranian universities and cinema industry and professions.

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